Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Start

Well well its my first time at this so dont shoot me thought i dought anybody special would actually read this ;-]. lol. I am at the age of 17 and as most people know about a 17 year old life revolves around three things, DRUGS,SEX AND MONEY. No no lol im joking cant afford those luxuries, yet.

The people in my life:
Nola Weaich (Mother)
Malcolm Weaich 2 (Father)
Belinda Weaich (Step-Mother)
Colin Shaik (Mums Chap)
Hope you not confused yet cos it only gets worse.... lol

Brothers And Sisters
Total: 7
Calda (Neighbor But Like MY SISTER!!!!!!!)

Yup we are the brady bunch lol.

ah anyway its not to complian but i would not have it any other way i think.

I love music all types except rap i fell its for ppl who cannot dance and therefor just for head bobbing purposes lol

Matric the major stepping stone of my life, everybody tells me how i could do this and how i could do this gosh i wana b what i wana b know what i mean but atleast they still care.

my sister nakita just farted and its banging! lol i know tmi

well when i get another bright idea or decide to spill my guts to ppl i dont know il be shore to post it happy reading ppl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 07/06/09. o i never brush my teeth yet lol

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