Monday, June 8, 2009

well hello again.

today was eventful well not really. anyways the highlights of my day...............

woke up at three this morning to study maths but i actually wrote afrikaans who cares cos i dont no seriously i dont. lol.

anyways after some intense studying finally came to terms with a question that was driving me nuts seem to have solved it. ended up being late and dad gave me a serious shouting at. o shit need to go to the shop so il either tell you about how a real ass eratated me today


Sunday, June 7, 2009

ha ha ha im having such a good afternoon luaghing at these 2 fuckers kitty and calda.

they are debating whether or not they should bath lol and now she cant find her shoes and is blaming my poor dog jiggiez lol

you know what would be nice if i had strong shot of kliptdrift and coke.

well this weekend was boring but last weekend shoh hey theres something to TALK about!

last weekend.....................................................
my freinds bruce and tania were shifting and bruces birthday was the previous weekend so we had 2 reasons to get fucked drunk lol. so friday comes and the plans are set. i had come from school and dad and bel wer going to a rally and were going to be away for the weekend lol i know what you thinking ya how lucky am i! so i packed a bag and told them i would be by my gran for the weekend cos it was easier to get to school from newlands which is the truth i just expected to go to the party on friday and be home no later then 12 in the night but as we know that never happens. any way so here i was after school at my grans place just sitting when my cuz dale comes in the yard with the blue van and says we going to bruces house to prepair lol.

we decide to have a braai and go buy meat before we get to the house and of cource go to the bottle store we buy 3 bottles of kliptdrift and a few packs of siders just for us cos it was a byob party. i decide to elect myself as bartender cos that would ensure dop dont just go missing which seems to happen often at partys. the dj system is set up and the house is in some what of order.................................

the house was know full of ppl and the music was so loud you could not feel if your talking or not lol. i had one to many drinks and started to feel the dop in my system.

it was now almost 12 and the party was rocking no where near from ending lol. ppl were almost out of there minds and my cuz dale who was djing opjeed in tanias vase lol the good times lol.

then more ppl came bruces brother warren who is a prof dj took over from dale cos if you know dale you would knw that he passes out first lol which he did with the vase next to him.

a few min l8ter my ex teniel was here and as all girls act when they see a x like they dont exist i must not lie this girl was my first in many things and i always will have feelings for here.

but ey thats a whole blog on its own.

by 3 every body was out fo there minds and with the sun shinning up our asses we were having a great time

that was a party to remember ey when i think about it, it was fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOOD TIMES! 07/06/09. ineed to go have a bath.

The Start

Well well its my first time at this so dont shoot me thought i dought anybody special would actually read this ;-]. lol. I am at the age of 17 and as most people know about a 17 year old life revolves around three things, DRUGS,SEX AND MONEY. No no lol im joking cant afford those luxuries, yet.

The people in my life:
Nola Weaich (Mother)
Malcolm Weaich 2 (Father)
Belinda Weaich (Step-Mother)
Colin Shaik (Mums Chap)
Hope you not confused yet cos it only gets worse.... lol

Brothers And Sisters
Total: 7
Calda (Neighbor But Like MY SISTER!!!!!!!)

Yup we are the brady bunch lol.

ah anyway its not to complian but i would not have it any other way i think.

I love music all types except rap i fell its for ppl who cannot dance and therefor just for head bobbing purposes lol

Matric the major stepping stone of my life, everybody tells me how i could do this and how i could do this gosh i wana b what i wana b know what i mean but atleast they still care.

my sister nakita just farted and its banging! lol i know tmi

well when i get another bright idea or decide to spill my guts to ppl i dont know il be shore to post it happy reading ppl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 07/06/09. o i never brush my teeth yet lol